Hey all you hard working boot campers!!

Awesome effort today for both the Sandbox crew and Tuesday night running group.  You guys are FUN!!  Your willingness to push hard and to work out of comfort zone makes it fun for me at least.  Especially when I start seeing your hard earned RESULTS!  KEEP IT UP!  
If you’re not scheduled for Green Lake evening boot camp tomorrow, take advantage of a FREE Zumba class at the SANDBOX. In addition to Vast Fitness Boot Camp and sand volleyball, SANDBOX SPORTS offers high energy, super fun ZUMBA classes (not in sand). Your first class is FREE. Take a friend every Wednesday through November 16th and all your classes are FREE.  

Follow this link for details!!
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Have a great night!  I’m looking forward to seeing my Wednesday Boot Campers tomorrow.  If any of you are able to make it to G-Town in the evening tell Katie (your Zumba instructor) I sent you — maybe you can share some new moves with us later in the week too!  I anticipate some hip shaking.