How are you eating?  Are you moving on the weekends?  We all have support for the hour we are together, but what does the rest of your day look like?  Are you tempted to blow off your workout/food plans when your friends come knocking?

Sticking to your boot camp workout and meal plan can be much easier if you get some help.  Here is the best way to do it.

Tell people that you are close to that you are taking on this 4 week program, describe the program, and explain that it is important that you stick to your commitment.  This will make it easier for you to complete the program since people will know about it and wonder how you are doing.

Explain to them that you would appreciate their help.  If someone does not honor your wishes in this matter, avoid them.  Here are your talking points:

Please don’t ask me to blow off my workout to do something with you.
Please don’t offer me anything to eat that I am not supposed to have. (please commit to stay away from junk–cakes, softdrinks, chocolate bars, etc.)
Don’t ask me to go somewhere where I will be tempted to eat or drink the wrong things.
Please don’t keep me out too late if I need rest.
Don’t question the validity of what I am doing, or give me advice if I don’t ask.
Encouragement along the way would be appreciated.
Now go tell someone about your commitment and enjoy the day!