Hi Everyone!
I hope you’ve had a wonderful day.  I finished off my evening by attending a Lent Service.  I like Lent because it provides a time to reflect and RE-Set. 
Tonight, the sermon discussed the correlation between Lent and Surfing–The difficulties of each.  It was really useful and provided me a space to relax into the uncertainties of LIFE. 
Without going into all the details and losing those of you who may have been turned off at the mention of Lent/church,  I’ll say I’ve listed a few examples of the sermon in relation to Wellness Goals that I think you may find motivation and comfort in.
Reaching our GOALS
Sometimes we just have to wait.  Waiting Well is a necessity. Our Goals aren’t always reached as fast and as easily as we’d like. 
Practice makes PERFECT – Keep Showing Up, Get Dirty!  Adjust as necessarily and keep in mind that we are not always in control of our circumstances and situations. Do your BEST with what you have. 
Enjoy the Ride.  There are UPS, Downs, and lots of discoveries along the way.  Enjoy the JOURNEY and the FRUIT of your hard work.
Loved seeing you all this morning and hope to see YOU on Friday!