Kerry definitely knows her stuff.  The workouts were great, tons of fun and challenging exercises to leave you exhausted (it a good way of course), and she includes a full dynamic warm up and cool down in the hour time slot.  Always smiling and ready with words of encouragement, I was impressed by her personal attention to everyone in the class; you can tell she really cares about your individual goals and progress.

Also, Sandbox Sports is a fantastic setting, especially if you are recovering from injury or are looking for something completely different to break up your workout routine…or if you’d rather stay warm and dry inside while listening to good music 🙂 – Elizabeth


I have officially dropped four sizes in pants from a size 10-12 to a 4.  CRAZY!  When the heck did that happen?  I haven’t been counting calories or completely avoiding food that is “bad.”  I’ve just been eating TONS of fruits, veggies, beans, and fish and following the intuitive eating recommendations – “Am I hungry?  Maybe I will have water and wait 30 minutes or maybe I am just bored and should chew a piece of gum.  How bad do I want a piece of chocolate?  A small piece of dark chocolate should satisfy me.”

I can’t believe how GREAT I feel, and I wouldn’t be in the place that I am today without your help.  THANK YOU for your support, encouragement and optimism.  It’s literally changed my life. – Kelsey

Love it!! I have always been active, worked out at a gym for the past 3 years on a regular basis and have not seen much results. With Vast Fitness the work outs change each class, working different muscle groups, it’s great. Kerry is very motivational and the class is really fun. – Mel

This bootcamp was actually recommended to me by another bootcamp because of the flexibility of Vast’s scheduling. Vast runs morning and evening sessions year round. They have a wider variety of workouts than other bootcamps I’ve attended, and costs less too. – Rik


I found Kerry to be a great instructor. I’m not usually a group workout person because I often find instructors to be over demanding, pushy, or intense, but Kerry was a great mix of enthusiastic and motivating but not annoying! – Emily S.

Their Boot Camp is friendly and fun. It really builds a commitment to healthy eating and exercise. The owner is also the leader and she is great. – Frank

“Should anyone require a boost to help them break the ice of getting into top shape, I highly recommend Kerry Moore’s bootcamp! You WILL benefit! Even if you are in great shape, she’ll make you better!” – Dan

“I’m challenged, but I feel like there is a lot of support from everyone which makes it easier to endure.” – Kimberly

“I’m loving boot camp and seeing great results, which is totally motivating!” – Steve

“I like the variation of the workouts and that every day is different. I also like that as soon as my body starts to really tire on one exercise we usually move to another. It feels really good on the drive home from work at night to know that I’ve already worked out and that I have my evening free to walk the dog or just hang out.” – Anni

“Yes, I am motivated! Your attitude and enthusiasm are great and help with that a lot. Seeing results helps too!” – Alisson

“I did 60 push-ups this morning and am not sore!” – Scott

“I am only now finding out about what I can do and realizing I can do more than I think. I want to keep on doing it.” – Ton

“I feel like the boot camp experience is great. It definitely has helped me to motivate myself to be healthier, and a commitment to be up at 6, ready to go, is a huge part of that.” – Lance

“I feel so strong- It was hard at first but now that I’ve seen it through, I feel like I can do anything!!” – Sarah J.