Ok, maybe it doesn’t feel like Spring, but don’t let that stop you. We’re starting our spring session May 2nd, so Enroll Now!

You can begin your session at anytime; however, we strongly encourage you to start at the beginning of our monthly sessions for a few reasons:

1) We test at the beginning and end of each month so that you can gauge your progress.
2) Workouts are performed in group environments, and we find that people who start together often bond quicker and help encourage each other as they see the other progressing.
3) We find that those who can commit to a routine often stick with the program better. In other words, we try to avoid an approach that might encourage: “I’ll eat that donut today and start my diet tomorrow.” Having said that, we also do not want to discourage folks who heard about us late and decide “oh, I’ll wait till the next time around.”


In summary, we do accept late arrivals but also ask that you come ready and committed to our program, whenever you start.