We had a great session this morning!  CONGRATULATIONS to Damon and Liza, both demolished their old PRs in every area! I’m looking forward to witnessing the same in the pm group.  If you were unable to attend this morning, come to our 6pm session to make it up.

Below is a little information to help you determine your goals for the month.  If you want to see how you compare to the average person your age, follow this link ExRx.net and put in the required information.  It’s a pretty cool tool.

Time to get S.M.A.R.T and set some GOALS!

SPECIFIC– Set clear, concrete goals such as participating in Vast Fitness Boot Camp for all 4 weeks
MEASURABLE- ID markers that will indicate that you have met your goals. If my goal is to stick to the food plan, I will write down my food choices after each meal in my food log. I will also strive to eat only the healthiest foods by preparing balanced meals that include a protein, a carbohydrate, and a fat for 5 out of 6 meals a day.  Another measurable goal would be to perform 5 more push ups on test day at the end of the month.
ATTAINABLE- Ensure that your goals are realistic. Ask yourself the question of whether your goal is actually achievable or not, and be honest! For example, setting the goal of losing 10 pounds in two weeks is not realistic (and definitely not healthy!).
RELEVANT- choose goals that are applicable to you. Make sure that these goals are something you are truly invested in, because you will be focusing a great deal of time and energy on them.
TIME RELATED set a time line that will guide your progress. Specifying a goal for two years down the road is not as powerful a motivator as one that you set for the next six months or next four weeks.  Remember short term goals help us reach our long term goals.

Once you have set a couple of goals for yourself that you feel comfortable with, share those goals with a close family member or friend. Often voicing them out loud makes them much more tangible, and may increase your motivation for reaching them. Also, the person you entrust with these goals could become a cheerleader, and someone to celebrate your successes with.

See you all again soon!  Eat well, work hard, and FEEL the RESULTS!  You CAN do it!!