David will continue to offer his Tuesday 6am running clinics this session.  From what I’ve witnessed, those who attend regularly are moving a little more smoothly and quickly in our regular boot camp sessions.  These clinics are mixed with technique practice and hard work.  

One of the major components you will hear David stress in BREATH.

He says, “Concentrate on your breath!”  This will be the foundation that we build upon throughout these running clinics.  Over the next few weeks you’ll work on stride and strikes, along with breathing and more form and speed work techniques.  Go for a jog or two this week and solely concentrate on your breath. Slow, deep sips of breath in through the nose and pushing the breath out through the mouth. When you catch yourself gasping, stop for a moment to regain focus.  Remind yourself that your energy should be powering your legs and not the gasping of air.  Breathe deeper to create more of an effortless jog.  Concentrating on these techniques will assist you in any end of summer/ early fall race events you may have planned.

David will be looking for you tomorrow morning at 6am.  Give it a shot if you’re looking to improve your running form.