Myrna Aaevedal is our current 6am squat champ!  Not only did she hold her squat the longest on our last assessment day, but her form was PERFECT!   Perfect form means quadriceps parallel to the floor, chest up, head up.  Myrna actually prefers deep squats.  

Myrna is a University YMCA member and attends the boot camp sessions during the winter months when VAST Fitness moves indoors.  Mryna thought boot camp sounded tough, so she figured she’d give it a try.  She’s been with us ever since and is now in her second year.

Myrna enjoys the group support that boot camp offers.  She says, “if the person next to me is huffing and puffing, so can I”.  She’s training hard in preparation for this years cross country and down hill ski season.  Myrna also enjoys hiking and biking regularly.  She says her legs are her strongest body part, but her upper body is picking up strength  (as you can see in the picture).  Myrna is full of positive energy, and her fellow boot camp buddies can attest to that.  This morning’s session had a round of squats with a medicine ball overhead press.   Myrna added jumps to the top of her squats–kicking it up a notch and inspiring her boot camp buddies to do the same.  

Another fact about Myrna–she will turn 70 this January!  

A recent lecture I heard last week given by a professor at Bastyr University stated new research findings that a 70+ year old can be just as healthy as a sedentary 30 year old.  I’d say Myrna is living proof as she held her squat hold for longer than a class full of 20, 30, 40, and 50 year olds!!  Way to go Myrna; you’ve inspired your fellow boot campers.  I’ve seen them watching you….they better be working hard if they plan to match your squat hold.

Thank you for inspiring us to work hard and to keep working throughout the years!