Damon Jones is one of our veteran boot campers who has experienced a great transformation since starting Vast Fitness last summer.  He’s been an inspiration to more than one boot camper and instructor, and I’ve enjoyed watching him progress. Damon has fully committed to his health and it has paid off.  He’s become noticeably stronger and faster, and as a result–LEANER.  He has lost 41 pounds since starting his boot camp workouts. He also has been giving more attention to his meal planning.  Damon encourages fellow boot campers to stay committed to the program by offering advice such as “just show up and keep showing up”.   He isn’t afraid of hard work and continues to work towards future successes.  I’ve asked Damon to share a little more of his story and transformation with us— what he’s learned from boot camp and what has helped him along the way.

What had you done in the past?  What are you enjoying about Vast Fitness Boot Camp?  What results are you seeing?
I have always been a 20-25 minute workout guy — be it running or quick lifting..feels good, picks up the endorphins BUT did not get me to lose weight…BOOT CAMP has done the JOB.  Boot camp really is going back to BASICS, sort of Jack LaLanne revisited..It works the core and it WORKS…I read a USA today article that said the BEST exercise overall is boot camp..I agree!  I’ve lost weight and feel more positive and energized!

MY HIGH ANXIETY ( I am like Larry David, think, think, think too much, much, much) has gone DOWN.  I am so much more calm, relaxed, less tense— dare I say more CONFIDENT.  I think this is as BIG a success as the weight LOSS.

I like Kerry as the  teacher because she is an athlete and designs workouts like an athlete rather than an aerobics class.  Additionally she has  smart, supportive comments that make me push harder, but she is not  an in your face BOOT camp instructor (this would not work for me..scare and fear are not the best way to go..or overly hyper  teacher type (nothing wrong with that) talking all the time…She knows when to push a little more or you can do it, good job etc..Her timing is GOOD and that matters to me..plus, I like her southern accent.

How do you stay motivated?
I keep motivated because I know its good for me.  Yes, it’s WORK.–it’s not magic.  I just try to remind myself, do I ever really feel WORSE from doing boot camp?……Answer: NO. Do I almost always feel better and ready for the day after boot camp……  YES, resounding YES…Days I miss or feel bad I often rightly or wrongly will blame it on not doing boot camp..

My brother is a doctor and of the Western variety.  He is believing more and more that LESS DRUGS, BETTER diet and EXERCISE are keys to BEST health..I love that he is OPEN to this…I concur.

What are your current goals?
I want to be 190 lbs for my fiftieth birthday in September.  I am 207 now…I was 248 when I started with Kerry.

Any other advice for us?
My advice is the old cliche: don’t quit.  Work through the SORENESS.  IT SUCKS;IT IS MISERABLE, BUT IT DOES NOT LAST FOREVER.  The saying, “if I can do it, so can you”–which I used to hate hearing is now truer to me than ever. Now that I have DONE it…YES, YOU CAN, and I will be as supportive as I can. Everybody’s progress is their own too. Some folks have progressed more than I have; it may not LOOK that way, but I know it’s true..If you cannot run at all, and now can run a mile without stopping, that is AWESOME!!  We are all different and progress is different, but success is the same. Don’t quit, come to class, eat healthy, and in four to six weeks, you’ll be turning the corner.

Thank you so much for sharing your story Damon!