Really proud of veteran boot camper, Mike Schechter.  He is proof that hard work and dedication pays off!  Way to go Mike!

One Man’s Ironman Journey of Amazing Proportions

More than 1500 people competed in the “Boise “IRONMAN 70.3,” Saturday, making this the most crowded field in Boise IRONMAN history. The competition is a physical and mental test of endurance and stamina like no other. First, racers descend into the waters of Lucky Peak, then they pick up their bikes to tour 56 miles of the greenbelt, and finally, they put the trust in their feet to run more than 13 miles.

Every athlete has a story. Mike Schechter’s story is all about perseverance and determination. “When I was really super-duper sized, my first bike ride was 8 miles. It destroyed me. Everything in my body from my backside to my legs was messed up. Everything hurt terribly. And, now 8 miles is just a warm up.” Schechter, an attorney from Seattle, made it to the starting line at the “Boise IRONMAN” against improbable odds.  A little more than two years ago, Schechter weighed close to 400 pounds. “396 – a couple of boxes twinkies shy of 400,” Schechter quipped. But on Saturday, Mike weighed in at 245 pounds.

Mike completes rigorous workouts six days a week. His sport of choice in this competition is the bike. “I survive the swim, I have a really good time on the bike and I’m learning to love the run, I’m just not there yet,” Schechter said.

On Saturday evening, with hundreds of fans lined up downtown, Mike Schechter crossed the finish line just after 8:30 p.m.  And, after more than 8 hours of racing, Schechter had just one goal in mind. “I’m looking forward to getting back to my hotel to take an ice bath and get some chocolate milk.”

Above all else, Mike Schechter is proud of where he has been and where he is going. In regards to his major weight loss, this Ironman veteran says, “I have infinitely more energy. I can do things now.  I feel more self-confident, I feel better about myself, I am a stronger attorney in court, and I am enjoying my life a whole more than I was.”

And, Mike isn’t done with Ironman contests. In fact, the “Boise IRONMAN” was a tune up for Schechter’s first full Ironman course. He plans to head to British Columbia to take part in an Ironman competition north of the border in August.