Amanda Geismann is DEDICATED! So dedicated that she started our “Pushups on Vacation” posts to ensure her fellow boot campers knew she wasn’t slacking while away from class (she hardly ever misses a class)  We all enjoy a little kick in the rear too.  Since her post, we’ve seen “pushups on vacation” with family and friends, on the beach, in the snow, during a work meeting, at the bar, going down stairs, and many more!  Thanks for starting this, Amanda! 

Amanda’s been with VAST Fitness since January 2013 and hasn’t slowed down since.  She knows how to push out of her comfort zone, is up for a challenge, and even challenges her boot camp buddies to meet her for weekend workouts.  I love her energy, attitude, commitment, willingness to try new exercises, and her fast, beautiful run when she turns that corner to bring it home…. normally challenging a fellow boot camper to pick up his/her speed as well.

Amanda, your a BIG part of VAST Fitness and what makes it special for me and your fellow boot campers.  Thank you!! 

Can you share a little about your experience?


What led you to participate in VAST Fitness?

I was looking for a workout option, but didn’t want to join a typical gym since I wanted something more motivating (and I have a gym in my condo building). VAST Fitness seemed like a good fit since it was really convenient for me to get to and I wanted a group workout!

2.       What has kept you motivated all these months?

Definitely the team environment. Everyone is so encouraging and the constant mix-up of different workouts and trying new/ challenging things. Keeps it fun and interesting, but also HARD!

3.       What kind of results have you experienced? What were some of your goals?

I have noticed a huge increase to my overall endurance and since we’re always trying new things, I feel like my body never gets used to a certain workout. I’ve increased my push-ups and run a lot faster as a result of all the training.

4.       When did you really start to notice more results? what do you think contributed to those results?

I would say I started to notice results after the first month, but during the summer months, we did a lot more running (optional running clinics offered!) and so I definitely noticed my endurance and running skills increase during the summer months.

5.       What is your favorite part about VAST Fitness?

The team environment and the connections I’ve made are the main thing, but also the constant challenges and also how we all hold each other accountable (I literally feel guilty if I miss workout!)

6.       What has been most difficult?  How do you navigate the difficult times?

The most difficult is the fact that we do moves/exercises that are definitely not my favorite, so it puts me out of my comfort zone and sometimes I have a tendency not to push myself as hard at these things. I try to deal with this by looking to the others and getting encouragement from others in the class.

7.       What is your advice to new recruits?

If you’re up for the morning workout and want to build this into your routine, just stick with it! Even if you feel discouraged at first or after a certain class when you’re put more out of our comfort zone, keep coming back and don’t make excuses not to come! I’ve never once regretted coming to a class, but I’ve definitely missed and regretted the classes I have missed.

8.       What are your goals moving forward?

Work on my form and core! I feel like I can always improve with my form with certain exercises as well as some of the core exercises, so my goal is to keep pushing myself especially at times when I’m not in my comfort zone or when we’re working on something that is not one of my favorites. J

9.       What are you most proud of?

Continuing with it and learning to get up and to class when that alarm clock goes off! I also have started taking advantage of more of the extra classes (weekends, Tuesdays, etc).

10.    Favorite workout?



On-the-move workouts where we go to different places around the park and to the lake, etc.

Loads more as well – just love the constant mix-up!