Join us this Saturday, July 23rd for a fun filled Sandbox boot camp session followed by some hip shaking ZUMBA!
8:30-9:30 Boot Camp with Kerry at the sandbox
10-11am Zumba with Katie

The Sandbox is located in Georgetown

Boot Camp in the SAND?
You’ll develop more strength in your lower body running on sand.

Running on sand burns more calories.
You’ll become more coordinated and have better balance by running on sand regularly.
Running on sand is easier on your joints.

Zumba is a popular type of group exercise class that has grown in popularity in the recent years. This class incorporates a number of different types of traditional dances into a fun, group exercise class format. No matter if you want to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight, improve your coordination, or boost your mood, Zumba dancing may be just what the doctor ordered!  P.S – we will not Zumba in the sand:)

Hope to see you on Saturday!