You’ve determined your goals and are on track to achieve them.  Perhaps you’ve decided to make improvements in your balance, flexibility, muscular strength, and/or cardiovascular endurance.  Maybe you just want to shed those extra pounds that have been adding up over the years.  Either way, within a few months, what started out as the best of intentions often turns to failure and quitting the fight.  This happens often.    


Transforming your body is a simple task.  It is not an easy task.  To succeed you have to commit to the process.  Unfortunately, we often start with an expectation and not a full commitment to what it will take to get there.  To succeed, you must commit and dedicate yourself to the process, knowing that it may take more than just the same old 30 minutes on the bike and eating well to get there. 


We all want success; and in our society we want it fast.  This fast results mindset is often what leads to quitting when we don’t get the success we expect in the timeframe we had in mind.  However, if you start with a commitment, it doesn’t matter what roadblocks you encounter because you are committed to the process and will find a way to keep pressing forward.  Keep in mind that there is no finish line for achieving a healthy body.   Life is dynamic and often changing.