We are pushing right up to the holiday season and it’s time for a game plan.  We’ve got Halloween next Friday and then two more months of holiday festivities.  How will you stay on track?  What are your travel plans? Will you workout on vacation–at what level of intensity? Perhaps you use the holidays to back off a little in order to give your body time to rest and recover from many months of training. Maybe you need to continue with your intense workouts–where and how will you do that? How will you handle the many temptations to overindulge on treats and holiday snacks? Do you have healthy alternatives to the typical holiday foods? A few minor changes in your menu planning can make big differences.
No matter what you decide, your buddies at VAST Fitness will be here to support you along the way, but we suggest you go ahead and strategize NOW.
Below are some healthy holiday survival tips from our always insightful boot camp instructor, Kelsey.
A few tips about the holidays that I find helpful:
1.  I can eat anything that I want, but a few bites is usually enough.  Do I need a whole slice of pie?   No way!  A few bites is great.  There is exception to this rule of moderation, however.  If you can’t have just a few bites, avoid it all together.  
2.  Eat the holiday meal… ONCE.  Don’t eat leftovers two, three or four more times.  Enjoy the decadent holiday meal and then get back on track with your healthy eating at the next meal.
3.  Make an effort to get in movement!  This includes everything from a run to boot camp to a walk to a fun game of basketball or football with your family and friends.  Even 10 minutes makes a difference.  I like to play with my nieces and nephews at the park!  Park your car far away from the entrance when you go shopping and take extra walking laps when you are out and about.  Move it to stay on track.
4.  I like to follow Sara’s work treats rule.  No treats are allowed before lunch, including donuts!  After lunch, if the treats are still there and you still want one, take a small portion.
5. The PRE-TURKEY BURN will happen this year on THANKSGIVING morning at 6 am!  It’s a holiday, which means bring your friends and family and start Thanksgiving weekend off with a fun sweat session!
Thanks for sharing Kelsey!