HAPPY 4th of JULY!!
It was EXTRA nice seeing so many of you out this morning, along with your friends and family!  I had to share this festive command for YOU to WORKOUT!  Many of you already have and are on your way to celebrate the rest of your day. 
If you missed it because you’re out of town with family, no worries—-Do this instead!
1.  Huddle up all those closest to you
2.  Drop and have each person give you 10 solid pushups, you must do them too:)
3.  Stand up quickly
4.  High Five each other
5.  Repeat 2-4 2 more times!
6.  Hold each other hands in a circle and perform 10 squats
7.  Continue to hold hands and complete 1 circle, then go the other way around
8.  Repeat 6 and 7 2 more times
9.  Hold plank for 1 minute
10.  Hop up, tell each other thank you and happy 4th!!
Have a great day.