We’re approaching our veteran boot camper BONUS WEEK!  We like to open this week up to all our veterans, their friends, and family members.  Whether you are participating now, or have in the past – you are invited to our FREE WEEK.  Bring your friends and family members and build your support system.  Hope to see you there!

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 6am at our Lower Woodland Park Location

Having Friends and Family Exercise with you has many BENEFITS

1.  It increases your participation – less skipped workouts when you know your friend or family member is ready and waiting on you.

2.  You work harder – a little friendly competition helps.  Working out with a faster or stronger friend will push you to do your BEST, eventually becoming faster and stronger yourself.

3.  Healthier Happy Hours with Friends – friends who work out together may also have a greater awareness of health in other areas of life.  Rather than spoiling all your hard work at an unhealthy happy hour, workout buddies may choose to order more on the healthy side. 

4.  Easier to try something new!  It’s less intimidating to do new workouts and exercises together. 

HAVE FUN – SHARE – DO YOUR BEST!  6-7am Monday, Wednesday, Friday Lower Woodland Park
(we host our Bonus/ Friends and Family week at the end of every 4 week session)