Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Sunday to you ALL!
I hope you’ve had a great weekend full of activity and surrounded by those you love. 
A few of us started Saturday off with a solid stair climbing session.  What a great way to burn both the legs out and get your heart pumping strong!  It was nice to see so many new faces out with folks inviting friends and such. 
I mentioned seeing the film FED Up on Friday night to a few of you on Saturday.  Here is the link for more information.   http://fedupmovie.com/#/page/home
The film explains the dangers of SUGAR and how we need to take BIG steps to protect ourselves from this harmful toxin, found EVERYWHERE –even in foods you’d never expect!  Heck, a friend of mine went to buy a can of corn salsa on Saturday and decided to put it back after learning that the second ingredient was sugar!   It encourages US to take major steps to cut back or eliminate sugar altogether in our diet in order to prevent some of the major diseases we are faced with today.  If it’s processed, it probably has sugar, and lots of it!  One correlation that linked the severity of the issue for me was when the doctors from the film suggested putting a surgeons general warning on our processed foods similar to what’s found on cigarette and alcohol packaging.  May be harmful and even cause death.  Notice that the sugar % isn’t even listed on our food labels for daily allowance like the other nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates, etc.)  
We are eating way too much sugar.  I agree that we are eating ourselves into sickness, however, we can also eat ourselves towards better health by avoiding processed foods and eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
This next link will do a much better job of explaining the issue than I can, so please take a moment (or many–it’s long, but worth the listen). It’s certainly assisted me in my journey towards better healthy.  It’s a lecture I heard a few weeks ago by Dr. Robert Lustig, who is featured in the film, FED UP.  Knowledge is POWER!
Well, we’re heading into our FINAL WEEK of the session.  Are you ready?  Can’t wait to see you ALL in the morning.
Sleep well and give the lecture a listen if you have some time.