1. Why should I sign up for Vast Fitness Bootcamp?
    For fun, challenging workouts guaranteed to get results! If you are in a rut, tired of the same routine at the gym, want to kick start your fitness program or looking for a fun challenge with variety and tons of support and motivation, then Vast Fitness Boot Camp is for you!!!
  2. What kind of workouts will we do?
    Vast Fitness Boot Camp offers a variety of workouts with no two days being exactly the same. Workouts include plyometrics, circuit training, hill climbs, agility drills, interval training, jogging, games, strength training, yoga, and much more!
  3. What if I am new to exercise?
    Great! We are glad you have decided to make fitness and health a priority in your life. All workouts are planned to accommodate a variety of fitness levels. As the month progresses, so will you!!
  4. What can I expect to get out of bootcamp?
    Fun and challenging workouts
    Increased cardiovascular and muscular endurance
    Increased muscular strength and mental toughness
    Decrease in body fat percentage
    Improved self esteem
    Increased energy throughout the day
    New and Improved eating habits
    Motivation and Support
    Camaraderie and friendship
  5. Will I have to eliminate all of my favorite foods and starve myself to adhere to the meal plan?
    Vast Fitness Boot Camp believes strongly in balance. We believe in making wise food choices rather than starvation and elimination. This may mean that you have to eliminate some foods; however, we aim to educate you on newer healthier options and recipes that may just become your new favorites.
  6. Will I be yelled at if I perform poorly?
    Our instructors are here to motivate you with positive support. We challenge you to push beyond your comfort zone by coaching and encouragement. We will test your strength, endurance, and will power; however, we are not here to tear you down. We try to keep it fun. We just ask that you stay positive and work to the best of your ability.
  7. Where, When, and How Long
    Green Lake Park
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday at 6AM   Sessions last between 30-60 minutes
  8. What do I need for Bootcamp?
    A positive attitude, a towel, tennis shoes, food log, and a water bottle.
  9. What if I have to miss a day?
    No problem, make-up days are built into the schedule.
  10. What are the costs?
    All sessions are priced for unlimited classes.  You choose how often you attend, we encourage you to attend everyday.
    First Timers: $200
    Veterans: Month 2 – $175, Month 3 – $150, Month 4 – $125, Month 5 – $100
    SUPER VETERANS – Month 6 and Beyond – $80
  11. How do I sign up?
    Easy! Send an email to info@vastfitness.com expressing your interest or call 360 930-9377 and talk directly to an instructor. You can also sign-up and pay at our Enroll Now section.
  12. Does the boot camp go year-round? Can I start at anytime during the month?
    Yes, Vast Fitness offers fitness programs year round. You can begin your session at anytime; however, we strongly encourage you to start at the beginning of our monthly sessions for a few reasons:
    1) We test at the beginning and end of each month so that you can gauge your progress.
    2) Workouts are performed in group environments, and we find that people who start together often bond quicker and help encourage each other as they see the other progressing.
    3) We find that those who can commit to a routine often stick with the program better. In other words, we try to avoid an approach that might encourage: “I’ll eat that donut today and start my diet tomorrow.” Having said that, we also do not want to discourage folks who heard about us late and decide “oh, I’ll wait till the next time around.”

    In summary, we do accept late arrivals but also ask that you come ready and committed to our program, whenever you start.