Understanding your PERSONAL goals and special needs is critical for https://it.medadvice.net/flexoptima/ Vast Fitness to design a program that meets your needs.Each boot camp participant must submit this form to register for your boot camp session. Boot Camp space is subject to availability per session, so it is important to sign-up as soon as possible. If space is available, then we will contact you and confirm your spot. Payment can be paid on location with cash or medadvice.net check, or you can make payment via our online payment form.

If you have questions before completing this form, CALL 360 930-9377 or EMAIL info@vastfitness.com and leave your NAME, EMAIL, AND TELEPHONE NUMBER and someone will get back to you shortly.

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$200 $175-80
Co-ed outdoor intensive fitness program with nutritional support and guidance to help you lose weight, gain strength and improve stamina. Workouts include a combination of aerobic and strength exercises. All fitness levels are welcome and will benefit from this program. Individual instruction is provided to all participants. We use positive motivational techniques and encouragement to get the most from our participants.

What do you need for our workouts? Running shoes, workout clothes, water bottle and towel.

*First Timers receive one free day before month commitment.

4 Week Session:


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday at/or around Green Lake Park.




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