I’m looking forward to spending some down time with friends and family this Thanksgiving.  I won’t be making the trip back home to Georgia, however, I will bring a taste of home to my friends here in Seattle.  Of course any good Thanksgiving Day Celebration starts with a solid workout.  In previous years my family would go to Stone Mountain Georgia to walk, jog, or hike up and around the mountain prior to the FEAST!  This year I will head to SANDBOX Sports in Georgetown, Seattle to lead and participate in one of my favorite boot camp style sand workouts.  I strongly believe in working up a solid sweat before spending the rest of the day eating, lounging, eating, lounging…..etc.  

After my workout, I’ll head home to prepare one on the Moore’s favorite family side dishes to take to my Thanksgiving Day Feast with friends.   I’ve always loved grandma’s broccoli casserole, and it’s become my contribution to friends and family here in the GREAT NORTHWEST!  Although it has broccoli in it, the casserole also has it’s fair share of butter, cheese, and cream.  I believe in moderation, but I can also make a few substitutions to make grandma’s southern dish a little less dangerous for the waistline without sacrificing taste.  I use olive oil instead of butter and 2% cheese rather than full fat.  

In addition to providing a traditional family recipe, I also enjoy discovering and trying new healthy holiday options.  This year my research led me to http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/thanksgiving-recipes/NU00643 — I think in addition to grandma’s casserole, I will try the Apple Salad with figs and almonds.

I hope you find a nice balance of quality time with friends and family, good food, and a little movement this Thanksgiving.

I know I have a lot to be thankful for!