This is David with Vast Fitness Boot Camp again.  We completed the second running clinic yesterday evening, focusing on more breath work, form, and speed.  I want to congratulate Rik and Lisa for their effort and perseverance during yesterday’s beautiful, slightly hot run!

During yesterday’s clinic, we explored the differences between shoe-supported running and barefoot running.  Yes, we pulled off the shoes and socks on this one!  The distinctions between the two were obvious -- barefoot running allows a more natural movement with your strike, planting your foot on more of the the forefoot rather than the heel.  Foot planting on the mid and/or fore section of the foot allows a fluid, natural motion to your strike and stride.  Heel strikes function as a braking mechanism, providing resistance against the approaching ground, which isn’t optimal for energy efficiency in running.  Take a look at this YouTube video associated with ChiRunning to better understand heel and forefoot strikes:

In addition to exploring our strike and stride, we concentrated on bringing awareness to our breath during our approximate 3 mile interval run.  It’s a seemingly easy concept to remember -- just breathe.  However, putting that concept into practice takes work.  Developing a deep, rhythmic breath may take years to feel natural, and that’s perfectly okay.  You’re at where you’re at.  Enjoy the process of progression.  The improvements that you will experience are well worth the wait, I guarantee it.  Take the next week to develop or improve that awareness of your breath.  Whether you are walking to your job or jogging around the neighborhood, take those deep sips of breath in through the nose and push that air out through the mouth.

Are you wondering how you go about developing a better strike and stride?  Come to the Tuesday running clinics!  We’ll explore the possibilities of evolving yourself as a runner.  You can take much of what you learn from these clinics and apply them to all areas of your life.  Running can provide clarity and some of the best moments for breakthroughs in life.  Who knows, you might even begin to like running.

See you soon,